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Do you look for a Jungian Analyst?


Therapy or analysis can be helpful for people of all ages in many different life situations. It provides a safe place where one can explore personal concerns and difficulties in work, family, relationships or personal upheavals in strict confidence. These difficulties may include stress, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and nervous exhaustion. Therapy or analysis can likewise be helpful when one feels stuck and seeks support for processes of self-reflection and personal development.


Jungian Therapy in Particular

Jungian therapy explores the deeper meaning underlying times of crisis and confusion. It provides the opportunity for self-renewal when feelings of loneliness, emptiness, fear or anger become overwhelming. A Jungian-trained therapist can help to discover deeper personal resources and to engage new energies in finding creative ways to fulfill one’s needs and deal with the expectations of the outside world.


The Directory of Jungian Analysts contains the addresses of all AGAP Members who have made their training in Zurich Switzerland and now live and work in many different countries – maybe not far from you.


AGAP Directory of Jungian Analysts sorted according to Country and City (PDF file). (133.64 kB)
AGAP Directory of Jungian Analysts sorted according to last names (PDF file). (137.96 kB)