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AGAP Forum 2015 


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Below memories from the AGAP Forum 2012 and 2009    

AGAP Forum 2012

It is our great pleasure to report that some 80 AGAP members and guests took part in the triennial AGAP Forum from September 5-8, at the scenic Epi Park Seminar Center, overlooking the Lake of Zürich, near Burghölzli. We started with a boat ride from Bürkliplatz to Halbinsel Au, and continued with a hike through the woods to the restaurant on the peninsula, where we enjoyed a wine reception and a wonderful dinner, with Program Committee Chair Josephine Evetts-Secker eloquently introducing our topic, Psyche and Time. We learned much from the AGAP members who presented their works in progress over the next 3 days, as well as from participation in colloquia offered by colleagues from Zürich, Great Britain, and Germany.

An especially timely offering of this year’s Forum was the guest demonstration of the Word Association Experiment as it was conducted around the turn of the 20th century. The expert machinist Franz Böttcher instructed several AGAP volunteers who participated hands-on, operating parts of the original psychogalvanometer that Jung himself used at Burghölzli during his tenure there. Psychologist and historian Angela Graf-Nold presented an informative narrative of Jung’s presence at the clinic and his use of the machine in perfecting his understanding of the associational processes.

On the last day of the Forum, AGAP members gathered with the ExCo to review the event. At this occasion we extended special thanks to our Membership Secretary Helga Kopecky, who worked far beyond the call of duty to insure this Forum’s smooth running. However we not only noted the successes but exchanged ideas that should help improve future Forums. We also discussed items of general importance, e.g. the MSB, and AGAP’s relations with ISAPZURICH, the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich, and the IAAP.

After the Forum Review, the AGAP members who previously presented a staging of the Jung-White Letters appeared with their rendition of Scenes from the Red Book. For bringing Jung’s active imaginations to life in dramatic form we thank Paul Brutsche, John Hill, Dariane Pictet, Murray Stein—and Barbara Miller for her composition of the accompanying music! Afterwards a gala dinner was catered by the staff of the restaurant at Epi Park. The view of the nighttime lake and its light-bejeweled shores was magical, the food and wine delectable. But nothing could surpass the conviviality and collegial goodwill in abundance this night and throughout the conference.

A straw vote showed overwhelming satisfaction with this year’s venues and the wish to return, so we have already re-booked the Epi Park and Restaurant Halbinsel Au for Sept. 9–12, 2015. Please mark your calendar now, for we hope to see you three year’s hence!

AGAP Forum 2009 

“So Much Soul in the AGAP Forum”

Craig Stephenson, Jutta von Buchholtz, Jacquie Wright


… as was said by a participant of this year’s Forum that took place in the historic Helferei in Zurich’s old Niederdof. The Forum 2009 was launched in glorious weather with an evening boat cruise on the beautiful Lake of Zurich, including apero, music by the Frogs, dancing and much reminiscing until the wee hours… “Once upon a time…” The program theme of Symptom Symbol Soul generated much interest and great appreciation for the high quality of lectures and colloquia. These were complemented by an excursion to the CG Jung Institute—with Vincent de Moura’s animating presentation on the “Visions Seminars”—and a trip to the Psychological Club—where Emmanuel Kennedy shed light on details of this intriguing history. The performance of The Jung White Letters and the closing Gala at the elegant Hotel Widder brought events to a spectacular conclusion. Comments by participants confirm their enthusiasm for the overall event:

“AGAP Forum has a very different climate than an IAAP Congress…There is much more soul.”

 “I enjoy and treasure this gathering for its sense of community.”

 “Wonderful venue at the Helferei! Loved being in the Altstadt, close to restaurants and hotels.”

 “We got so much for our money!”

 “…the atmosphere was wonderful and to meet colleagues from all over the world was exciting and joyful.”


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