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Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists

is a professional association of analytical psychologists and a founding member of the IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology). AGAP was founded in 1954 by graduates of the Zurich Institute with the purpose of furthering the development of Analytical Psychology and the professional work of its members. Among the ways the founders proposed for AGAP to realize these two aims was to keep the members in touch with each other; to cooperate with the C. G. Jung Institute; to maintain relations with other Jungian bodies; and, to establish communication with other psychotherapeutic organizations. These purposes have been kept and expanded as AGAP has grown and developed during its 50+ years of existence.



At its conception AGAP had seven members: Mary Briner (CH), Evangelos Christou (Egypt) David Hart (USA), H. Yechezkel Kluger (USA), Frances E. Smart (England) Paul Watzlawick (El Salvador) and (not present) William Alex (USA). The group met in Mary Briner’s house and signed the first constitution on July 29, 1954. At the actual date of founding, there were four graduates of the CGJI in Zurich: Bill Alex, Mary Briner, Evanelos Evangelos Christou, and Frances Smart. David Hart, Y.H. Kluger and Paul Watzlawick still had details to finish up before receiving diplomas.


Presently AGAP has over 600 members from 14 countries, most of who whom are members of their local IAAP societies, and maintain their membership in AGAP as well. Approximately one third of the membership relies on AGAP to maintain their professional link to the IAAP. AGAP therefore serves an important role as a professional society, in addition to being the conduit for information from Zurich.




AGAP is closely tied to two analytic training institutions in Zurich: the C.G. Jung Institute in Küsnacht  (www.junginstitut.ch) and the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAPZURICH) in Zurich (www.isapzurich.com).


Structurally, AGAP is led by its Executive Committee, which meets 3-4 times per calendar year in Zurich to take care of AGAP’s main business between the tri-annual Business Meetings, which occur at each IAAP Congress. In addition, AGAP has an elected Ethics Committee, Outer Circle of Representatives and Auditors.


AGAP publishes an annual Newsletter in March plus 3-4 Newsletter Up-Dates (via e-mail) throughout the year, to keep the membership informed of current events and in touch with one another. There is also a continuing education event called AGAP FORUM held every three years in Zurich, for professional and personal renewal. The FORUM was first held in July 2000 and information on and registration for the FORUM 2006 can be found in the March 2006 Newsletter. And of course AGAP hosts its own website to which we welcome you warmly!



AGAP Co-President, Josephine Evetts-Secker, josephine.evetts-secker@agap.info

AGAP Office, Helga Kopecky, office@agap.info

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